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Ping Monitor Professional

Ping monitor utility with the visual interface to track connection to remote hosts
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14 March 2012

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Here is an application designed for all network administrators in the name of Ping Monitor Professional 4.7.1 that can assist in monitoring all the systems connect to the network. The Ping Monitor Professional keeps a watch on the state of all the hosts by pinging each of them periodically. It collects all the ping statistics and provides with information about uptime, connection quality, outages duration, etc. During up or down events Ping Monitor is capable of executing custom actions. Hence this utility is a fine option which can aid you to vehemently reduce of hardware, desktop and server by notifying you about its state round the clock.

The professional version of Ping Monitor embraces many numbers of features and benefits with it. You can connect end number of host to it and monitor them easily. You can use global settings or override all the hosts plus configure ping options, notification settings and event handlers separately for each of them. In Host monitoring features you can discover various aspects like possibility of monitoring several hosts concurrently without network overload, get detailed reports of statistics related to all network functionalities. You can also configure various monitoring options like ping packet size, TTL, ping timeout etc. In the notification segment, this tool offers versatile tray, sound and e-mail notifications for different events. It allows you to execute custom actions where there is any connection loss, or connection establishment and restoring events. More over Ping Monitor Professional provides you with regular email reports of the entire network connections statistic in customized way.

Interface wise, Ping Monitor has got a professional looking user interface and can aid anyone to work with it with utmost satisfaction and no kinds of difficulties. We give a rating of 3.5 stars to it on 5 for its overall performance and varied functionalities.

Publisher's description

Ping Monitor is an utility with the visual interface to track connection to remote hosts, located in LAN/WAN or Internet. The application sends pings on a regular basis and analyze response to detect status of connections. Connection outage is reported automatically if ping response isn't delivered a particular number of times in a row.
The application has a visual interface that displays a current state of connections to monitored hosts and reported statistics. For every host you can see an uptime, number of detected outages, average ping time, ping time deviation and other important parameters that allow you to measure a quality and stability of connection.
In case of connection outage Ping Monitor can immediately notify you about a problem by displaying System Tray message and/or sending an e-mail alert. If your mobile operator supports E-Mail-to-SMS service, you can receive SMS alerts on the mobile phone. The application allows to send alerts on connection establishment, loss and restoring events.
If you need to execute some actions on the connection change events, you can register custom handlers in the application. These handlers will be executed automatically every time when connection state will be changed. You can specify any command, script or application as a handler. You can configure the application to pass the status information to handlers as a command-line parameters. For example, you can pass host name and its status as parameters to a script. The application allows to specify global handlers used for all hosts, or setup custom filters for hosts to override global settings.
Ping Monitor Professional
Ping Monitor Professional
Version 4.7.1
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